In April 2005, I started digging for answers that would allow me to better understand Matrix Revolutions. My research and discussion with others was vigorous, and after about a month, I figured I might as well share my findings with so many other Matrix fans around the world by documenting my understanding on this website. My journey had only begun at that point, as I have probably changed my mind once or twice about almost every major theory.

Working on this website on my spare time most days, this website took about 19 months from start to finish (the site was officially released in November 2006). The majority of this time was spent thinking, taking notes, and rewriting pages on this site every time I changed my mind about something - a process that is frustrating, time-consuming but ultimately rewarding. I still continue to add to it, mostly updating the Comics and Matrix Online sections.

For those of you who may share my taste in movies, here are my 20 favorite movie/movie sets:

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