Most of this site is simply a result of my own thinking, watching the movies, taking notes and discussing the movies with other Matrix fanatics in forums.

CloudWolf's Matrix Online Storyline Summaries document was my primary source for the summary of what happens within The Matrix Online video game (my summary is essentially a summary of CloudWolf's summary, cutting his 600K document down to less than a third its original length). My summaries and interpretations of Sentinel newspaper editions comes directly from the original issues.

Some in-game screenshots for my Matrix Online section came from Nathan Dale's (or "Stack's") MxO Archive.

Many (but not all) of the interesting facts on the Behind the Scenes page were taken from Internet Movie DataBase. Some of the actor/actress facts were taken from Other facts were taken from the six extra DVDs that make up The Ultimate Matrix.

I used Wikipedia to look up a lot of terminology all over this website. Everything on Wikipedia is considered public domain, but I thought I'd give Wikipedia due credit anyway.

I used to look up long, hard words, especially words contained in the Architect's speech.

In my Matrix Online: The Sentinel section, each link pointing to original Sentinel editions points to the original Sentinel editions hosted on MxO Resource.

Thanks to my friend Eric Rasmussen for creating the framing code in each page, the random image generator on the main page, and for figuring out how to keep my green Overlib links from turning red if someone clicks on them.

Thanks to Matrix Explained forum users Mobil_Ave_Neo and Feral Boy for our mutually fruitful discussion about the movies.

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