Did you love The Matrix, like Matrix Reloaded, and dislike Matrix Revolutions? If so, this website is for you. This is the reaction of most people who watched all three movies, and it's not because the third movie is worse than the other two. It is because the third movie (and part of the second movie) went straight over most peoples' heads. Even most people who think they understand the last two movies really don't. Once you understand the last two movies as well as the first movie, you will see all three movies as one great story instead of seeing the last two movies as blemishes against the first movie.

As a reader of this website named Logan writes:

"I am a huge fan of your site, Matrix Resolutions. As a Matrix fan, I had almost given up on trying to find a credible go-to Matrix site (if it wasn't the MWM hypothesis it was cyborg-Neo or some such nonsense). Now, whenever I re-watch the Matrix films, I always have your site open on my web browser!

Note: This website was originally (and unfortunately) designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer, taking advantage of HTML goodies that only MIE supported. Not to worry - it still looks fine with other browsers, but things such as color of the scrollbars, fading title graphics, etc. will not work unless it's MIE. If you use MIE v.10, turn on "Compatibility View" to see the goodies. Sorry, but I designed this website before my deep hatred (a hatred shared by all web designers) of MIE took over.


The purpose of this website is to document and answer questions about the Matrix movies, using anything from a definitive answer to a theory to a mere possibility, and using as much support from all three movies as possible. I will sometimes mention symbolism that is either relevant to the plotline or that is very interesting, but symbolism is not the focus. Finding possible explanations for the plotline that work within the realm of science fiction is the focus. The bigger purpose here is to hopefully resolve the frustration so many felt (as I did) after watching the third movie, due to what felt like being given too many religious copout explanations to support the movies, making it seem like a blur between science fiction and religion/fantasy fiction.

Spoiler Warning

This website assumes that you have already seen all three movies. If you haven't yet, stop reading this right now and go see them! This website will also spoil the Enter The Matrix video game, various Matrix comics, as well as The Animatrix, which is a collection of nine animated short stories released between the first and second movies (one episode of The Animatrix has been called "Matrix 1.5" because it shows part of what happens between the two movies). If you have seen all three movies, and if you are fine with all other Matrix media you haven't seen being spoiled, then by all means read on!

Organization of this Site

This site was written with the assumption that readers will follow the links in the left window mostly in a top-to-bottom order. That doesn't mean the site can't be understood when read in random order. If you do not wish to read the pages in top-to-bottom order, no matter what your background, I do recommend at least starting with Introduction: Website Terminology, Introduction: People, Places & Things, and Matrix System (and all of its sub-pages). Starting with these pages will ensure that readers and I are on the "same page" so to speak. Reading about the Matrix system first is also especially important since it discusses in general terms how the Matrix system is supposed to work. Everything else on this site discusses what is happening over the very specific time interval represented by the Matrix movies.

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