Debunked: Keymaker Non-Purpose

Some people think that the Keymaker was flagged for deletion because the Keymaker loses his purpose as soon as he makes the key for the One to reach the Source. However, there are three problems with this theory, saving the strongest point for last:

  1. It makes no sense for every Keymaker of every Matrix to routinely lose his purpose once the key for the One has been made, because the Keymaker would just have to be recreated for the next Matrix version. This would make eventual "purposeless" part of every Keymaker's design. I guess this is possible, but such a design seems more awkward than it does logical to me.
  2. The purpose of the Keymaker isn't just to make the "one" key for the One. He also makes thousands or millions of keys for backdoors which most likely assist with system maintainance, and he probably has to update these keys on a regular basis. This purpose would have remained even after delivering the Source key to the One.
  3. The Keymaker lost his purpose and became an exile before the One had the key in his possession (before the One even knew the Keymaker existed, in fact). If the Keymaker is supposed to make the one key, who then is supposed to deliver it to the One? Even if 1) above were true (even if the Keymaker was supposed to lose his purpose), I still think the Keymaker would need to get the key into the hands of the One before completely losing his purpose. I doubt there is a separate "Keydeliverer" program.

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