Debunked: The Merovingian is a Former One

Persephone tells Neo that the Merovingian used to be more like him, and this makes a lot of people think the Merovingian is one of Neo's predecessors. But Persephone was just referring to simple personality traits, before the Merovingian was corrupted by so much power. Here are factors that support this theory:

There is one other factor which mostly supports the theory, and that is the reference by other characters to the fact that the Merovingian is a program. First, when Neo visits the Oracle, she tells him that the Keymaker is being held by "an especially dangerous program, one of the oldest of us [programs]". Second, the Keymaker says in Enter the Matrix, "I have been held captive in a chateau in the mountains by an Exile named the Merovingian."

It seems unlikely that the Merovingian could be an exiled program if he was originally human. However, this would admittedly be possible under the theory that Seraph (also a program) is a former One.

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