Debunked: Sati is the Next One

It is tempting to think that Sati is the next One when the Oracle says in Enter the Matrix, "...I believe the child is important. She will change both your world and our world forever." The theory states that Sati was going to be the next One after Neo, but when Neo chose the left door, Sati lost her purpose in the next Matrix.

This theory is extremely unlikely for three gigantic reasons. First, the emergence of each “One” seems to occur every 100 years. We know for certain that the 5th anomaly occurred 100 years before the 6th anomaly, because of Morpheus’s speech at the temple in M2. Sati will reach Neo’s age in only two or three decades, so she couldn’t be the next One. It would imply that the Architect makes each new version of the Matrix worse instead of better, because the emergence of the system anomaly (and therefore the threat of a system crash) is happening more frequently than before.

Second, Sati is a program, not a human. The One is always a human and must be human, because irrational human choice to reject the Matrix can only be countered with another human choice.

Third, why would the One govern sunrises anyway? That is just plain weird.

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