Introduction: Website Terminology

The following terminology will be used on this website:

Website Term Meaning
M1 The Matrix [movie title].
M2 Matrix Reloaded.
M3 Matrix Revolutions.
Redpill A person who rejects the Matrix because of taking a red pill, who therefore lives in the real world.
Natural Redpill A person who rejects any part of the reality of the Matrix on their own and still lives in the Matrix.
Bluepill A person who currently accepts the Matrix.
Burly Brawl The fight scene between Neo and all the Smiths in M2.
Bane-Smith Smith in the real world after taking over Bane.
Oracle-Smith The Smith copy that takes over the Oracle (same will be true for Neo-Smith, Sati-Smith, etc.).
ETM Enter the Matrix (video game)
MxO Matrix Online (video game)

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