Matrix Games: The Matrix Online: The Sentinel

The Sentinel is the bluepill newspaper featured in the game The Matrix Online. The game takes place after the third movie ends, and these newspaper articles complement the storyline in a significant way, even sometimes adding to our understanding of the three movies.

The following are summaries/interpretations of Sentinel articles. More time will be spent summarizing articles that are relevant to the plot of the Matrix than the other "filler" articles.

"Beta" indicates that the newspaper was released during beta testing of the game, so things described in these Beta issues didn't really happen in the plotline of the game. At least, they didn't happen as early as described: the Beta issues seem to move the planned plotline of MxO along at an accelerated rate, probably to complement testing of certain key events that would happen in the gameplay. For the sake of being complete for all of you Matrix fanatics out there, I've included these Beta issues on this site anyway. The first issue was released during beta testing but was not designated a Beta issue, probably because players could read everything in it during non-Beta gameplay without spoiling any of the plot.

The first few issues have a "Personal of the Day" that reads, "Do you feel something's strange about this world, like me? Let's meet at the Cobra lounge and talk about it after five, weekdays. (Box198)". Almost every issue has something along these lines that probably lead players to certain locations within the game at certain times.

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