Matrix System: Natural Redpills

As previously supported in the Matrix System: The One page, machines do not kill humans or send them to their death unless the purpose for that death involves the protection and/or preservation of life. There is no crime in rejecting the reality of the Matrix since it is as natural a phenomenon for humans as barking is for dogs. In fact, a dog barks very consciously in spite of its master's disapproval, while rejection of the Matrix is presumably a less conscious process that actually involves discovering truth behind the Matrix (an honorable thing), so machines would have to see human rejection of the Matrix as an even more innocent action than we see the barking of a dog.

Therefore, it would go completely against the moral framework of machines to kill humans just because they reject the Matrix, whether by having an Agent shoot them inside the Matrix or by waking them up and flushing them to their drowning death outside the Matrix.

Here are some additional clues and reasoning:

When the Architect speaks of the 1% rejection rate in M2, most people just assume that these 1% are killed in the Matrix or drown in sewage after being flushed from their pod. As you can see, this is not the case! This brings more meaning to Morpheus's phrase "splinter in the mind". Those who reject the Matrix simply have to live with that "splinter" in their minds for their entire natural lives inside of the Matrix.

The next question is, why are the 1% who reject the Matrix such a problem to machines if these natural redpills are able to be supressed? In a nutshell, natural redpills cause errors in the Matrix every time they reject a part of its reality, and an increasingly large number of them are being freed into Zion because of Zion's exploding population (the greater the population of Zion is, the more redpill hackers there are trying to free bluepills). I will discuss this in much greater detail later, in Conversations: Neo & Architect and Architect: Equation.

Whispered Truth

A very clever Matrix fanatic with a message board handle of Mobil_Ave_Neo had the following idea about how the process of rejection might actually occur for someone within the Matrix:

Architect: "...even when they are only aware of the choice on a near unconscious level”

People are given a “choice” to accept the Matrix. Knowing how honest the Architect is by his very design, that means that people are probably told the truth about the real world on a subconscious level, perhaps through whispering mental suggestions, dreams, etc. Knowing people would have to leave behind their family and friends inside the Matrix and that Earth’s nature (and therefore good food) is gone, 99% of people in the Matrix choose to continue living in the Matrix and “forget” about the real world.

Similarly (but on a much higher level of consciousness), the vast majority of us do not send donations to Africa despite the fact that we all know starving Ethiopian children can use a dollar much more than we can. We go on our busy lives and “forget” about the children in Africa. The Matrix scenario would be carried out on a much more subconscious level, which is why it isn’t discussed within the Matrix among Bluepills.

Speaking of Africans, there are a lot of them in Zion. This is certainly understandable as it would be more motivating to leave a life of thirst and starvation in favor of almost anything else.

I especially like the last point. It certainly sheds a lot of light on why Zionists seem to dance to African-sounding (highly percussive and rhythmically complex) music.

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