Other Theories: Matrix Evolution

We see Smith (a program) becoming more human by taking over the consciousness of a human in the real world. We see Neo and Goliath (humans) becoming more like a machines via programming and modifications. We see all redpills living in the real world as partial cyborgs with headplugs that interface with their brains. Where is this all leading to? I say evolution.

I am compelled to believe that someday (perhaps soon) in the fictional reality of the Matrix, machines and programs will start to breed with one another. Humans will be able to "program a child" such as Sati when given the right programming implants; Machines will be able to reproduce in the real world when they are allowed to take over (or enhance) the consciousness of a human in the real world. What will the machines do then, if peace is broken? Slaughter their own half-breed race?

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