Sati: Sati's Parents

How did Rama-Kandra consult with the Oracle before meeting with the Merovingian?

First, in M2, when Neo, Morpheus and Trinity are walking into Le Vrai (the Merovingian's restaurant), there is a brief, eerie moment where Neo sees Rama-Kandra being escorted out. This explains why Rama-Kandra drew Neo's attention, because Rama-Kandra would have appeared in gold code, just like Seraph. At this point, Neo knows that this means Rama-Kandra and Kamala are from the machine world.

Remember also that Rama-Kandra is actually a machine. He is in charge of "recycling operations" (liquifying dead bodies) at the "power plant" (humans in pods providing power to machines). For all we know, Rama-Kandra could have been the machine that took Neo away after Neo sacrificed himself. In order to speak with the Oracle in the Matrix, Rama-Kandra would have to jack into the Matrix by first going through the train station (and therefore the Merovingian). This would seem impossible, since the Merovingian hates the Oracle.

Fortunately for Rama-Kandra, the Oracle doesn't just know what is happening inside the Matrix. She knows what redpills in Zion are up to, and she knows what other machines such as sentinels are up to through her access to the Source (see the last 2 sections of Oracle: The Believer). Chances are, Rama-Kandra would have been able to communicate with the Oracle wirelessly through the Source without ever leaving his recycling duties.

Also, remember one key thing that Rama-Kandra said while talking to Neo in the train station that affirms this connection between the Oracle and other machines:

Neo: You know the Oracle?
Rama-Kandra: Everyone knows the Oracle.

Deletion Codes

Rama-Kandra gave the Merovingian the deletion code to the Oracle's outer shell. Why would a machine in charge of liquifying dead human bodies have such codes? It could be that Rama-Kandra's job is not limited to humans - he may also recycle machines. Having deletion codes to program shells would be the first step in the process of disposal for machines and/or programs in the Matrix.

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